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Many of our clients have the need to re-locate their furniture to our storage facility. This may be due to a time difference in moving out of their old property and in to their new, that they need to downsize due to re-location to a smaller property or they just have a requirement for some extra space to keep their possessions.


If you need regular access to your possessions or would prefer to hold a key we can offer storage in our secure compound in airtight, secure shipping containers.

De-Clutter Service

It's not always as easy to sell a property these days with supply outweighing demand in most counties. To make your house appear more spacious and light it's a good idea to put some of the lesser used items of furniture in to storage.

Custom Made Crates

We can make and supply crates and cases for abnormal load, fragile or valuable goods. The design and manufacturing process is supported by our comprehensive quoting and design service, providing all the information required for the safe, legal and secure packaging and shipping of all types of goods.

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